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About the Teacher – Rosemary Murphy

rosemary murphy

I came to the Alexander Technique some twenty plus years ago, after suffering back and ankle pain that left me nearly immobile. I tried many treatments (traditional and alternative) with only short-term relief.

Taking lessons in the Technique helped me to eliminate that pain and to regain my freedom of movement. I learned how my habits of moving and patterns of holding tension had been major reasons for my pain. More importantly, I learned how to change those habits and patterns so that I can stay free of pain.

Previously I taught at the elementary level for 35 years, working mostly with children with learning difficulties. Upon retiring from teaching, I completed a three-year training program at The Alexander Technique Studio, with Karen Wentworth in London, England.

I am certified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique by the American Society of Alexander Teachers (AmSAT) and by  the UK Society of Alexander Teachers (STAT) .

From one kind of teaching to another!

Professional Development:

Teacher of the Technique  2005 – present

Member Planning Committee, AmSAT Annual General Meeting, 2008

Monthly sessions with senior teacher Missy Vineyard,
founder/director of Alexander Technique Center of New England, teacher and author.

Professional exchange with colleagues, 2010 – present

Yearly trips to London: “refresher work” with senior teachers.

Professional Presentations:

Rhode Island College, Dept. of Physical Education, Dance, 2007

Salve Regina College, Holistic Counseling Program, each semester since 2011.

Introductory Workshops:

Barrington Community School, Fall 2013, Spring, 2013

The Movement Exchange RI, 2013

Assistant Presenter, ROME: Doctor of Osteopathy Regional Conference, Boston, MA 2013

Segue Institute of Learning, Fall, 2013

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