Testimonials From Rosemary’s Students

When I started with Rosemary my back pain was forcing me to walk down the stairs just 1 step at a time.   I work standing on my feet and after 3 to 4 hours I just couldn’t find a good position.    After 3 visits I could go down the stairs using every other step and stand without pain for the day.

I had always had problems with my back and had gotten good relief from chiropractic or osteopathic manipulative medicine but duration of relief was getting shorter and shorter.   She helped me discover how to return to my natural posture that took away the stress and spasm that I was putting into my own body.   I had tried other structured posture techniques but they were uncomfortable and even made it worse.   Rosemary has made a difference in my life.
Karl, Physician

All of a sudden I sense space between my joints, my body has new length and width. I can stand solidly on my feet. I have a new understanding of my head/neck/back relationship and their relationship to my limbs. My shoulders are wider and thus the carriage of my torso is easier now.

Studying the Technique with Rosemary has resulted in a new awareness of my balance. My most pivotal moments have been listening to her observations of my movement as a dancer. As a result I’m not working as hard when I perform and can allow the movement to happen through my use of clear direction. My Alexander lessons have added years to my dancing career.
Melody, Dancer

…The combination of specific information, the positive atmosphere of “let’s work on this together” and activities for me to do at home, all have led me to a new awareness which helps me to thwart old habits and develop better ones for easier movement.

The Results: I feel better! My body feels stronger with less pain. My mind feels clearer so I can focus better. I feel connected. These changes impact how I feel and move. This was, indeed, a very good decision!

…It is an empowering approach. In the past, I felt I was a collection of various ailments or separate body parts. Now I am beginning to view my body as one and incorporate what I am learning into my daily behavior.
Alice, Music Teacher

“I’ve been taking Alexander lessons with Rosemary Murphy for 6 years to relieve aches and pains that developed after years of improper posture and curvature of the spine. I’m 74 years old. As I’ve grown older, other issues, such as spinal stenosis, several dislocated discs and neck issues began to threaten my ability to garden, walk and practice Tai Chi.

Surgery was my last resort. Rosemary taught me how to listen to my body and undo years of bad habits. Her healing hands and her expertise in how the body works have helped me to reach a new awareness in the everyday use of my body and have improved my comfort level.”
Carli, Poet and Tai Chi Teacher

“I came to Rosemary with daily pain in my shoulders. I had tried everything – acupuncture, massage, chiropractic and physical therapy. My physical therapist had me doing an hour of stretching every day. None of it worked.

‘You probably want to get your life back’ Rosemary said to me when I told her about all the stretching I was doing. I was amazed with how patient and gentle she was as she explained to me this completely new approach. I am quite klutzy and she never seemed to mind. She has taught me a new way to sit and stand. I am much more aware of what I am doing to make the pain worse.

She told me at the outset I was going on a journey and now I understand what she meant. It’s to a greater understanding of how you move and use your body in day-to-day life. Once you have this self-awareness, you wonder how you ever lived without it.

I can’t say the backaches are completely gone, but it doesn’t occur daily, and when it does strike, I now have the tools to lessen the pain. If you are up for a new experience, one that will really improve your life, then I highly recommend Rosemary’s classes.”
Lawrence, Writer

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